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Well, that's what I guess I'm trying to understand. Yes, this is a factory program that I've changed. I have the * next to the program name in the display. I hit the <Update> button and I get the write protect message.

The last  paragraph at the bottom of page 129 in the 5.5 manual makes it sound like I can tweak a factory program as I have and just press one button,  the <Update> button… and it implies that it will create a User version (my version) on either the internal memory or on the card since it says it will display them together, and has a screenshot of 3 different Amp-u-lation patches (Factory, User, and Card.)

The second to the last paragraph, however, says that the <Update> button is used for user programs, so…

Are you and the manual saying then that I have to Save it first (Hey – I'm good at that now!) either to internal memory or to the card before I can use the <Update> button, and then just on my copy?

If that's the case, then it's easy enough. I'm just trying to get a grasp of how to do this simple task after having been thrown the initial curve ball of a bad CF card.

Thanks again!