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Firstly I just want to comment on how great the update system is and thank you guys for working so hard on it. I just bought the Timefactor a couple of days ago and though I was really impressed with it, there were a few things when going through the manual where I was thinking "Oh shame you can't do that". I updated to the latest software yesterday (the update was very straightforward for me, nice one!) and you guys have resolved lots of those issues already. Also the new Vintage and Tape sounds are ACE! thanks again for continuing to support the pedal, it's a very cool thing to have as a consumer and immediately makes me think I should look in to a Modfactor 🙂

Anyway here's my suggestions, some have been mentioned already:-

1) Naming presets

2) Volume swells (either auto or from exp pedal)

3) Delay repeats transposed one or two octaves up (shimmer style sound)

4) "Bucket Loss" simulation for Vintage delay to simulate old analog delays. (ideally in system mode you would choose whether the x-knob added bit depth noise (digital sim) or bucket loss (analog sim) – ref: Strymon Brigadier delay.