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1) Naming presets

2) Volume swells (either auto or from exp pedal)

3) Delay repeats transposed one or two octaves up (shimmer style sound)

4) "Bucket Loss" simulation for Vintage delay to simulate old analog delays. (ideally in system mode you would choose whether the x-knob added bit depth noise (digital sim) or bucket loss (analog sim) – ref: Strymon Brigadier delay.

+1 for that

I would like to add another idea : I understand that it may not be possible to have different functions for the aux switches in each preset, BUT, it would be very nice if, into the system menu, we could affect some functions for the delay presets and 3 other functions for the looper presets (I guess it depends on the inboard software capabilities). When I'm using my delay presets, my aux switches are set for bk down/repeat/tap tempo but when I'm using some looper functions, these aux switches are sadly unused…