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In the meantime, select one or more presets, and copy and paste to Notepad or a WP. Then you can print …

1:1 Storyteller [Diatonic, E Maj]
Delayed +5th and +3rd. EXP controls +3rd Feedback.
1:2 Teenage Wasteland [Quadravox, E Maj]
Play some octaves while rocking the Exp Pedal. EXP adds pitch variation.
2:1 Trance Octaves [Harmodulator]
Ambient bouncing octaves in rhythm. EXP controls Feedback.
2:2 H3000 MicroPitch [MicroPitch]
A classic Eventide effect. EXP changes Delay to "H3000 MicroPitch Slap."
3:1 Echoes of 910 Past [H910/H949]
Detuning with moody delay. EXP controls Feedback B.
3:2 Octave FlexSwitch [PitchFlex]
-1oct and +1oct swap positions when Flexed. EXP crosses octaves.