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I have what might appear to be a rather odd request, concerning the before-mentioned glitch in the current software version that causes random unpredictable portamento and mis-tracking "chirp" effects under certain conditions…

Mainly: I actually *like* that sound….a LOT. 🙂
And have been using it quite often in my music (it actually wound up becoming a core tone in a track for my upcoming album)…I'd really hate to lose this after this "bug" would be "corrected" in future versions of the PitchFactor software.

Of course, I fully understand that this isn't something most people actually enjoy as well!

So, if/when you do ever figure out what is causing that portamento/chirp/etc glitch in the current software version, would it perhaps be possible to have it still be available as some kind of optional mode to be turned on/of by the end-user? Maybe something like "Classic Glitchy PitchFactor Mode". 🙂