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Ciao Jeff,

by my experience with the glorious SWITCHBLADE, don't expect to make it and the H8000 share the same language when it comes to level metering.

When the H8000 goes up to the red it goes way higher that what most analogic circuits can accept. Unfortunately the Switchblade headroom never seemed very high for me and surely it was too low to accomodate my Orville ( and the H8000 later) and take the best out of it in terms of dynamics  and s/n ratio. The Switchblades ( I have had bot the GL and the ST) are really pretty machines with a very nice sound ( because they HAVE a sound).

After a few years using them I have sold my last one and started using an audio card to do exactly the same things but with more flexibility and with an increased potential.

About using cc and the two available boost sections I suggest to try both and choose for the one which allows a smoother control and a more natural feeling. Does the Liquid foot allow you to set the cc curve ( logarithmic, linear and so on ?)