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ok, so i just had an interesting conversation with a tech at Kenton who tried to replicate my problem and couldn't. he said the clock was rock solid when sending controller data at the same time to his test devices. he wondered whether the eclipse wasn't happy about the way the merger was interleaving the midi data.(something about "sometimes data is merged after the first byte, which is allowable, but maybe the eclipse doesn't like it" (sorry, can't remember what he said exactly)

is there anything i can do regarding the eclipse – any secret settings i can change to help?

my novation sends clock and cc data at the same time, but doesn't cause a tempo shift in the eclipse when connected directly, so perhaps it's merging the data in a different way?

have you come across this before? any help or advice i can give the kenton tech with the new firmware he's writing?

sorry to be a pain italo, but i'd love to get this working!