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Hello Nick,


You may still have some underlying software issue (this is why we have beta releases) but the fact that yourself and your colleague have similar problems with both 5.3 and 5.5B suggest otherwise. If you have the patience, be so kind as to try TRS cables and let us know how you get on.

I use TRS-TRS cables for expression pedals and a Y-cable (TRS–>2xTS) for switches. This is exactly the same hardware that works well with my GTR 4000.

If I assign only one pedal or only one switch, then the pedal/switch behaves almost as expected regardless of what function the pedal/switch is assigned to ("almost" because there are some further issues of minor importance at the moment).

But if I assign a second pedal or switch to whatever function/parameter, then both pedals/switches behave unpredictable. Their values are both freaking around (producing audible clicks), they become dependent from each other (pressing switch/pedal 1 will generate significant artefacts at the parameter/function assigned to switch/pedal 2 and vice versa). This freaking behaviour persists  even if all hardware (pedals/switches) is removed from the H8000FW and only the assignments are there.

If I assign a third element (pedal or switch), then it's getting really crazy, absolutely uncontrollable. If you only could see that…

I still believe in a SW and not HW issue because of the unpredictability. I can consistently duplicate "crazy" behavior, but I can not duplicate a certain behavior.