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***Warning: contains a newbie apology.

Hi all, thank you for your fast replies. This is absolutely the best and fastest possible customer support ever. Amazing you guys!

I believe we are dealing with more than one issue here, whacky pedals may be a hw issue (or an user error, like you're about to discover here), sticky assignments may be a sw issue.

I've wasted your valuable time on the pedal issue, err, Embarrassed, obviously, when assigning a switch type pedal I should be assigning "tips and rings 1&2" NOT "pedals 1&2" right? Seems to work a LOT better Big Smile

Apologies, hopefully I don't have to come back to that. Thomas: sorry for kinda hijacking the thread Surprise, maybe this helps you too. I will focus on the sticky business from now on. So, for now, my pedals just behave. Oh, I see how they behave! Wink

But my w/d menu doesn't.

Reproduce like this: connect any pedal to pedal 1 and check in pedals menu that it's working. Go to levels menu dsp a mix page and assign pedal 1 to some of the 8 w/d mixes. Works as expected. Now make more (pedal 1) assignments to other w/d mixes, be sure to do some operations "ganged", remove the assignments, do this many times, back and forth, different combinations at a time. Do this mindfully, though, you have to know what you have assigned and cleared to notice the misbehavior. And remember to rock the pedal all the time.

Can you see any assignments to "stick" after you have removed them? Maybe take a break and try again later? I don't care of the blinking underlines, that's a graphical bug maybe, but I just don't t seem to get any proper control over the w/d assignments with an expression pedal, after I've started messing with the (ganged) settings.

Actually, I've done some homework and here is my suggestion: there was a VERY similar bug in the Orville, check the archives.  I say this is the same bug!  Idea Isn't it? The bug where "ganged assignments do not work reliably in the w/d pages".

I owe you an apology, no doubt, but if this is true, you owe me a special eastern egg Wink, and the old *** (bug) should finally be squashed, shouldn't it?

Thank you and apologies.

I feel so much better now.

And my H8000FW  just behaves.



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