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Hi Petja

this is the perfect example of why we are so *boring* in asking for details, details and details, all the times we have issues reports. When you folks have a problem and report that, you become our eyes, hands and ears through which we can get to a solution. Even the tiniest aspect is important here…and you are the living proof! Indeed Tip & Ring are to be used with switches assignments.

Good this has been sorted out.

Rgarding your second issue, assignments still sticking after removing them, I have just tried 5 different assignments to gangs of 2, 4 and 8 and to single w/d parameters. No problem whatsoever here. The only thing I'm seeing is that when assignments are rmoved, the w/d parameter(s) are left to a value different from 0% or 100%, but that's ok as a voltage is being removed. So…we would need another long report, with all the tiniest details about all patches (MIDI and non) and other connected gear…or mabe it's your pedal(s)?

The Orville bug was much worst. Gangs didn't work properly when assignments were made…you wouldn't have been able to hear the 8 channels w/d changing all together. That was fixed in day one on the H8000, years ago.