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Hi Italo.

Here is a simple method to reproduce the stickiness exactly the same way in my machine, even without pedals.

Start by disconnecting everything except power cord, remove the card, select factory patch 12 "Thru" to both engines. Clear setup in the system menu (reboot). Connect two Boss FS-5U unlatched switch type pedals (x/tip & y/ring) to pedal 1 jack with an insert cable (two TS on the pedal end, one TRS on the other). In the levels menu highlight both A out1 w/d and A out2 w/d, ganged, that is. Press select, choose tip1, press x: get 0-100%. Press y: no activity, choose ring1, get 0-100% pressing y, press x: no activity. (The purpose of the last steps was just to confirm both switches work properly, full range, without interference of any kind.) Set "mode" back to tip1 (x), leave range and type at defaults, 100% and absolute, and press done.

Back in the A mix page I can see w/d of the out1 and 2 gone to 0%. Press x: get 100% for both. Works perfectly. Pressing y has no effect. (A graphical bug has appeared: a blinking underline only on out 2, missing from out 1.) Now I want y (ring1) to control out2, instead of x (tip1). Highlight only A out 2, press select, "mode" has value "off", should be tip1, another graphbug? Check if pressing pedals shows activity on this page with these settings, nope. Change "mode" to ring1, press y: get 100%, press x: nothing. Leave range and type at defaults and press done. Back in the levels page the stickiness has appeared: due to settings, A out1 and 2 should now be controlled with x & y separately. Situation is, that both are still controlled by pedal x(tip1), and out2 also with pedal y (ring1). The stickiness being obviously the pedal x(tip1) STILL controlling out2.

I can repeat this as many times as I want with any pedal combination possible. Actually the stickiness is not even pedal relatedI have tested this with no pedals at all, with a midi controller, with exactly the same results. I've done it in every possible way and it is always the same. Point is: first assign 2 ganged, then cange the other individually, and that first assignment sticks. Is it okay that assignments that are first done as ganged, show "mode: off" when selected individually?


1. Is there a way to confirm if I have a hardware issue, maybe a test procedure that an user can carry out?

2. Could this be due to corrupt data? What else should I reset in the machine?

3. Should I downgrade or reload the current os?

4. Should I start a new thread, since I hijacked this and it's actually off topic now?