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Sorry Italo… looks like I got ahead of myself…

The clear setup solved the issue with the first CC #0 on DSP A being ignored. Now that works fine every time. It also solved the strange behaviour of not selecting bank 36.

However… CC #0 on base channel + 1 (DSP B) is still being ignored.

So I changed my patch to be very simple:

Midi Ch 2: CC 00 35

Midi Ch 2: PC 10

So I expect patch 3510 to be loaded. Omni mode is off, base midi channel was 1, midi maps off. All that happened was that preset 10 in the current DSP B bank got selected.

So, as a test, I changed the base midi channel of the H8000FW to 2. No changes on the Little Giant. After this and no other changes, it loaded program 3510 onto DSP A.

So, looks like something is not working right here on my H8000FW, given the Little Giant is sending out the same sequence.