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Hi Italo again,

I'm glad you could repeat the problem. I was beginning to question my sanity last night…

I guess that if you're using bank changes from a midi controller you have to be absolutely sure which DSP is selected beforehand, otherwise there could be some "interesting" preset changes. But this leads me to the solution…

All I need to do is send a SysEx to change the processor before I send out the CC. Works like a charm.

What I'm trying to do is explore the possibility of using the H8000FW for both guitar and vocals in a live situation, with independent control of presets / tweaks. I think I have a working solution now.

So basically the solution is as follows:

1) On startup, ensure DSP A is the processor selected

2) For preset changes on DSP B, send a SysEx to select DSP B (MACHINE A/B). Then send the CC and the PC

3) Send another SysEx to select  DSP A (to avoid accidentally being on the wrong DSP for preset changes to DSP A).

Thanks for all your help with this and I hope the bug can be fixed in v 5.5.

BR. Steve