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Hi Steve

you are mixing two different issues here: the problem you are having with changing banks & presets AND the bug you reported.

The H8000FW works perfectly when it comes to bank AND preset changing. There is no need to use any front panel key. Switching from any dsp to the other is managed by the fact a MIDI controller sends out CC #0 on 2 different MIDI channels. Infact if you have the machine on the PROGRAM (key) display, sending a MIDI CC#0 with any value, will show its MIDI channel related DSP on the display If I move my slider CC#0 on channel 1, I see DSP A  and preset list. If I instead move my other slider, sending CC #0 on channel 2, then the display switches to DSP B right away. This is reported in my previous replies to you and has been tested over and over again.

So, no problem in this area…unless you start pressing Processor A/B and then use MIDI CC#0, as you found out.

I'm still convinced there is just something in your MIDI controller strings or internal setup that makes things incompatible, for some reason…or the H8000FW in general doesn't play well with your MIDI controller….that's why I asked you to try out a different MIDI controller. That would help understanding things.

Or you may have many other datas coming out of your MIDI controller that you don't know?

As already suggested:

-try resetting your MIDI controller and use the normal procedure, described in my first reply. No need to hit the A/B key on the unit.

-test another MIDI controller.

If we can't replicate the problem you are having and no others report the same, it means:

A- you are doing something different from what the procedure requires we keep using

B-there is something wrong/incompatible/???? in the gear

So, we can't replicate the first problem you reported. Everything works fine here.

But we can replicate the second problem you reported, using MIDI AND the front panel key.

let me know!