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Hi Italo,

Here's what I'm finding. I set up two switches:

1) CC 0 66 PC 62 midi channel 1

2) CC 0 35 PC 10 midi channel 2

I have preset #212 in both DSP's before the test.

Now the difference between you tests and mine appear to be that you have the PROGRAM key engaged, whereas I didn't, and don't expect to, tbh. All I want the H8000FW to do is recognise CC on both midi channels regardless of how the front panel is set, and this is what it is not doing.

In this situation if I have DSP A selected and the PROGRAM key engaged, when I click switch 2 it correctly sets preset #3510 on DSP B. However, there is an issue. It also disengages the PROGRAM button. So that when I press switch 1, it attempts to change the preset on DSP A to #262 (and reports that the preset could not be loaded), where it should go to #6662.

Also, I've tried this with two controllers; one hardware, one software. Same result.

BR. Steve