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If you mean by type subdivision like 1/8, 3/16 etc, then no, because you can either set your TF to work in Tempo mode (working with subdivisions and a "master" bpm) or in a "normal" mode with delay times shown in milliseconds.

It wouldn't make any sense to tweak your delays otherwise unless the tempo of a song is changing.

Having the ability to set delay A in 1/8 triplets at 120 bpm and delay B in 1/4 at 156 bpm (for example) is kinda strange.  The actual repeat times would be overlapping at some point, because 1/4 at 220 bpm is the same as 1/8 at 110 bpm. Know what I mean? You would be changing your frame of reference.

If you need two separate tempi, you could just use two presets within one song.

Hope I got that right.