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Oh boy, what a mess…

One last behavior disorder symptom:

When switching back from internal 44.100 clock to word clock, that machine locks, but tells me that ADAT is "slipping".

I switch back to internal 44.100, and get a lock again, ADAT is OK now.

Back to wordclock, and the lock is strong and ADAT reports OK, but now I have a +1 or 100% signal on the conosle channel. Bad! I'm glad that channel was muted!

Back to internal 44.100 and the lock is strong and ADAT is OK, but the brutal 100% signal is still at the channel on the console channel.

The only way to stop this was to power down and reboot the H8000 with a setting of wordclock. (If I rebooted it with a setting of internal and then changed it to word clock, that nasty signal would come back to try and ruin my monitors. DREAD…