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I hope this will clear this up. Troubleshooting over email and forums is very ineffective. 


After watching this video, I'll hope that someone over there will believe more strongly that either this unit is broken, or I'm doing something really stupid. I changed out the w/c cables and terminators, and that had no affect. So, instead I decided to go to a blank slate. Nothing plugged into the back but power. The routing was set to analog outs only, and locked internal to 44.100 KHz. The problem persisted, and is repeatable. That is, most of the time. The video shows a clean repeat, but it's failed in other ways as well. I've actually had the unit load the program to both engines, and work until I touched anything. It would then lock out engine B again. I don't see how it can get any simpler than this. Again, lead me to different paths.


Yes it's true, I didn't lock to AES. But if it won't work when it's locked internally, then doesn't that simply rule out clock source? I mean we have to trust that the unit itself can operate in an old fashioned analog only type setup, right?[View:http://img196.imageshack.us/img196/1854/sh8000woes.mp4:550:0%5D