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I also have been working with Joe on a custom regulator (Quantum style) "Factor 3+" to power my board. So far, my experience in working with Joe has been exceptional. If his product is as rock-solid as his customer service, there will be no need to look elsewhere for any power related purchases ever again.

My custom power supply has 3 isolated/regulated  9.6 -600ma outs for my 3 Factor Pedals, plus 3 isolated/regulated 9.6 -100ma outs,and 2 additional 9.6 -100ma outs which share a ground. Should be done soon, and preliminary pictures look AWESOME.

THANK YOU BATS for the tip.

EVENTIDE- You should be promoting the good people at Logsdon Audio who make it possible for a gigging musician to power the investments they have made in your products with a powerful, yet affordable and professional power supply. Its a NO BRAINER if you own all 3 Factors……..