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In response to the GigRig, they've got a great thing going. Between their response to customer's needs and their different powering possibilities, I think you can't go wrong. I will say that they are expensive. It's hard to know what you need exactly as far as isolation goes, so might end up buying too many virtual batteries or not enough. Again, their price, from my perspective is their only drawback. I love the idea of customizable distribution, and the fact the IF you DO need isolation for a new pedal, you can place a order for a Virtual Battery without having to update your main power supply. But it's going to cost ya.

In comparison to the Logsdon power supplies, I think if you know what your plans are for your pedalboard, the Logsdon units are a great, inexpensive alternative. And like Laskyman said, his customer support is awesome. Also, the Logsdon unit is so small that you can fit it

discretely underneath your pedalboard.

The Cioks is just underpowered for three Eventides. Same with the Voodoo Labs stuff.

I don't want to give anyone the impression I'm badmouthing any other companies, I'm just making educated observations. I think all of these companies are doing great things for different players in different situations. It just so happens that us Eventiders are in one of those odd situations. We need the mA!

Again, I've got two pedals and I loved them enough to pay what I paid to have a power supply built for them. High five to Eventide.

Good Luck to all!