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I just checked out some prices on GigRig web site. If you would like to get a solution which will power 3 Eventides and 4 other standard 9V pedals and you'd like to run all these 7 units isolated, you'd need following: the Generator with distributor pack-1, 3 Evenflows, and 4 Virtual Batteries. This will end up in $159 + 3x$69 + $99+$39 = $504!!! Ups….

CIOKS DC10 will do the job for $230 in one box instead of 9 boxes on your board not to mention alll the connections inbetween. From an engineering point of view every connection is always a weak point and a potential risk for failure. You need space for these 9 boxes, you need to find a way of attaching them to your board. I'm just trying to imagine how it would look. If you don't use the Virtual Battery boxes for standard 9V pedals but the Distributor only, you're just daisy chaining the pedals, if I understood the concept right, and in that way the pedals are not isolated.

Just my thoughts about the GigRig solution.

Poul Ciok