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Thanks P. Ciok…

It does seem as though your product is well equiped to manage most situations with the demanding Eventides and so forth, but my concern is MAXIMUM amperage for the 'Tides and my other hungry pedals.  Rather than assume they'll not need more than 400mA, I'd prefer to know that the PS will offer whatever pedals I have their maximum quoted consumption rate.  Having said that, the GigRig seems to deliver – bar none.  Your CIOKS product looks great – nice and clean – but it's still not to the output I'd like for my board.

As for a few posts up regarding my plans with the GigRig and the EvenFlo's, that's exactly correct, 3 EvenFlo's, a distributor, etc.   But it all has to tuckk nicely under the rack too.  I haven't heard back from Logsdon.  But I'll wait until I do in case matters seem more effective with his program.

Bob Bradshaw made a good suggestion – if there's enough space under the board I end up getting, just power everything with a PPP or a PP2 and for the Eventides, stick 'em in a Furman PlugLock bar – done.