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1) nope – when selecting a patch, if the aux switch is set it defaults to MAX value, not MIN as stated in the manual norPATCH as you stated,  at least that's what I'm seeing.

2) yup

3) nope – it latches so it needs to be pressed again (release has no effect) to go to MIN. Is there a latching option I missed reading about?

I'm also disappointed to learn that the aux switch settings are global and not per patch.

The tracking is good but not what I would have expected from an Eventide product. It still gets confused occasionally in diatonic mode with a single sustained note as input.

I can make it work, but I'll have to use the aux switch. There's no practical way I can see to cleanly switch scales while playing without an expression pedal or aux switch. This is more of a concern when I have to fly to a gig as it's so hard to carry much these days.