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I'd like to see the AUX SW functions respond to button RELEASE to restore the MIN value,  in other words, have a non-latching function.

Actually, this is what I thought they did. I was wrong and you were right.


I'd like to have AUX SW parm assignments stored with a patch. They'd be infinitely more useful.

Maybe, but we thought it would be too hard to remember all the settings.


I'd like to be able to map the function of at least one (the middle) on-board button switch as can be done with the AUX SW settings.

Again, we keep the main switches the same to avoid confusion. Sorry.


I'd like the diatonic tracking to be more solid.

So would we – it's VERY difficult – it is a trade-off between response time and accuracy. Because these are pedals rather than rack boxes they do not have the number of controls necessary to allow a vibrato range across notes. You will have the same issue if you bend a note too far – after a certain point it will view it as a different note. To some extent, this is the nature of a diatonic shifter.