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I can only think of a few things, many of which have been stated, but I'll throw my suggestions out anyway.

1. eliminate the bass frequency build up that occurs with higher levels of regeneration in the Tape echo setting.

2. Despite feeding in higher levels and any/all other suggestions by Eventide staff to make the saturation control (Tape echo) more noticeable, and the end result being minimal improvement if any at all. Please make the saturation control actually do something. I like the idea of the saturation, but as it is currently I'm still waiting to hear it!

3. The bit rate setting in the Vintage delay. It has a good effect on the sound from 20 down to about 12, then just adds noise. By the time it gets to 9 or less it's basically unusable. I don't know what to suggest as an improvement other than get rid of the range covered by 8 and lower and then  enhance and/or spread the range of 20-9 out over the 20 settings.

4. Naming presets… but I'm pretty sure this isn't the first time you've heard this! Big Smile 

I would just like to thank the folks at Eventide for their work and dedication to this product line.  I have both the TF and MF and they are fantastic musical tools that help me to make music. I cannot say enough good things about the products and/or the people who support them. I mean this sincerely- Thank you!