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But, what would you want it to do. Edit of course, but what would this mean ? It's only got a few knobs.

An editor should be able to do everything a user can do from the h/w interface but quicker and easier for the most part. The PF (and the others too?) has a bunch of multi-level menus and a very limited display so it the same operations done from the editor should have much more complete visual displays. With other editors (e.g. Digitech's X-Edit), I can keep my pedal on the floor and create/modify patches completely from the computer with a USB connection. Most importantly, this lets me keep my guitar in my hand and my pedal on the floor, hooked up in the fx chain so I can edit a patch, play, and edit some more without having to either get on the floor or put the pedal up on my desk. Even if the editor simply duplicated what can be done from the h/w , it would be worthwhile.

Yet, an editor can be so much more.

I used a Digitech/Johnson Milennium 150 amp for years (retiring it from live gigs is the main reason I need the PF). While Digi never provided an editor for it, a guy named Bruce James wrote a freeware editor called RPEdit (still available on Harmony Central last time I looked). It was so well done, I learned more about programming the processor in that device from using RPEdit than I ever did from reading the manual or using the h/w interface (both of which were pretty good, too).  RPEdit even has a facility to translate the patch data to an XML-like text which you can edit and re-read into the editor. I was able to clone patches quickly with a text editor when I wanted new ones to start from the same base but with certain changes. I also printed out one or two critical patches so if I ever lost all patches before a gig,