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Hi Zap,

I came to this forum to respond to your post after hearing about it from a friend of mine who works at Eventide. I think there's been a misunderstanding of Fractal's answer to your question about SRC.  Sorry if we played a part in that – I'd like to set the record straight.

We conveyed to you that we don't know what SRC the Eclipse uses.  Based on a few earlier emails having nothing to do with the Eclipse we recommended that software might be a viable way for you to accomplish your goal.  With regard to the Eclipse's SRC, Eventide is the best source of information for that.  If Eventide represents that the Eclipse's SRC is well suited to handle that task your inquiring about, we are not in a position to dispute that (nor would we have reason to).

As we stated in our response to your question, we feel that the Eclipse is an excellent product.  In addition, we have respect for friends that work for/with Eventide as well as the company in general.

Thanks for listening.Smile


Tom King

Fractal Audio/Atomic Amps