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I have some questions: I DL:ed the sysex manual for the H8000 but in it it says it's the manual for the H4000. Do they have the same sysex identifier IE 0x70 ? If not could you pleas list the identifier for the H8000?

You say you transmit in 4 bit nibbles but the midi protocol only allows for 7 bits (right? ) so is it simply a 7 bit with 3 bits zeroed and if so which bits ? The first or the last ? And the transmission to the H8000 is just standard 7 bits,or ?

If someone could upload a SYSEXC_SCREEN_DUMP 0x17 for me to look at it would be most useful. The problem is i don't have a H8000 and don't know anyone who has. How big is the screen in pixels ? I know i can see that in the screen dump but until someone upload one it would be useful to know.

Is it possible to communicate with the H8000 via Ethernet or is midi the only/by far the simplest solution ?

Does the EVE/NET controller get it's screen data via midi ? If so,isn't that terribly slow ? I thought of going that route with a plugin but i wonder what response time one has.