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Heya Research I have the same problem, I have the Rc50 and yep it (the midi clk) works fine with everything except the pitch factor and the time factor, it is so dam annoying I have tried numerous work arounds and can't find a way to make the eventides stable, am hoping the folks at Eventide read this and solve it cos it is so dam frustrating, have thought about sending from a MPC, but an expensive fix and i don't think it will work, at the moment I've tried coming out of the rc50 into a midi splitter but alas $180 later still glitchey, please someone help fix the midi clock on the eventides so they are stable. also tried several drum machines but still get the tempo roaming, some times i just set it to global tempo and try and tap it in, but a sad fix for a great pedal[View:http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4883736&id=654571129&ref=fbx_album:550:0%5D