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Do they have the same sysex identifier IE 0x70

They do

Cool thanks.


it simply a 7 bit with 3 bits zeroed and if so which bits ? The first or the last ?

It is – the data uses the 4 ls bits. Se the "Sending Key Presses via MIDI" document on the H8000 support page for examples.

I did and it wasn't entirely obvious. Now i know.

The SYSEX_SCREEN_DUMP is for experts only. You should not even consider using it if you don't have an H8000 to get test messages.

Who says i'm not an expert ? 🙂

My plan of attack was simply to make a VST/AU that simulates keypresses and get the screen data from the hardware.If i could do that, the plugin would be done tomorrow. I don't see the harm in getting that data. I request it and it gets sent from the H800,what could possibly go wrong ? It is by far the easiest way to implement the whole deal. I'm not kidding when i say i could do it in a day if that's possible. It's halfdone already,that's the only part i haven't completely figured out yet. I suspect midi could be too slow for that. How big is such a message ?



Is it possible to communicate with the H8000 via Ethernet or is midi the only/by far the simplest solution ?

No Ethernet. MIDI is probably best for you as Eve/Net is a proprietary non-standard protocol.


Does the EVE/NET controller get it's screen data via midi ?

No. It uses Eve/net which runs at up to 1MB/sec

Hmm bummer. You say one shouldn't connect it to a regular network since you could possibly destroy stuff. Is that really so ? Going via the RJ45 would be by far the most elegant solution. No chance in getting a peek at that  proprietary non-standard protocol ?