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Well, you wouldn't have to wait for any updates with that unit! I'm sure it's a smoker unit but your frustration might be getting the best of you. I realize that it's been awhile but I also realize that this is one of the best delay units on the market that offer you any way to upgrade. I think we get a little anxious with updates and expect them to happen frequently but I would be happy with one a year!  I have other units that sound great but when I think "Man I wish it just could do this"  I know it's not capable of updating. But with TF I know there is a possibility that it can.

I'm grateful to have such a great unit that allows us the user to give input and have it given back to us within a software update. 

Use it for what it has! If your not happy with it by all means sell it and get something that you will be happy with.

I mean no disrespect…