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Thanks to Nickrose, achaput, and Tom for clarifying.

But since everyone recommends
in the Fractal forum for me to use the Analog outs of the Axe FX when I
get it because of the deep character of those converters,  would you
say it is better to convert like that to the eclipse A/D conversion before going into m-powered pro
tools (since I have a crappy 1st generateion m-audio sound card with
low end ad converters which makes me have to use either spdif or optical or adat))… or should I I use the Spdif out on the Axe to
go to the eclipse digitally and rely on the eclipse sample rate
coverter?  In this method, would I lose out on any special tonal character of any of the AD/ D/A converters in any of these two units?

So in a nutshell,  should I go out of the Axe FX analog to the Eclipse to try to rly on the Eclipse A/D conversion before my lightpipe entry into my
sound card?  Is the Eclipse A/D conversion anywhere comparable to the H8000 A/D conversion?  If not. then is the Eclipse Sample rate conversion anywhere near the quality of the H8000 sample rate conversion?   I really need to know this info. and the reason is because I want to be able to match the hyper realistic quality of My access virus synth and have as good quality electric guitar sound.