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vSigX is independent from Eventide, so please don't blame them for any slowness in development!

I am working on two separate programs right now, vSigX and ERC.  vSigX is a much more involved program, so there is a longer release cycle.  With everything that is going on in my life, I'm sure I won't be able to release version 2 of vSigX until the first quarter of 2011.  ERC, the remote control app, is much smaller, so I will have the new release ready soon.  The first public version of ERC will mainly just be a remote button press and screen display program.  Subsequent versions will add in the programming/macro language for automating tasks, plus a librarian that will talk to my online patch repository.  Fun thing about ERC is that I'm using a cross-platform development library, so in theory I should be able to compile it on both OS X and Windows..