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      hi folks,

      get the Software and cables running.

      MBP OSX 10.4 and VsixX 1.9 with H8000fw 5.3

      Hama USB-Serial Adapter Cable with Driver installed and works.

      I get the Patch fróm the H8000fw to the Vsigx …but ! not back.

      ?  "Sysex error" 

      Boundate overflow?

      Don´t know. Has anybody this running ?

      Need help



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      Hi again,

      It seems to be that it has something to do with the "Head-Modul"….?.

      again please.

      Has anybody this running

      MacOSX 10.4.9 VsigX 1.9 and Eventide H8000fw OS5.3


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      Hi, i don't think VsigX is officially supported by Eventide company.  I am using vsig on a notebook with windows.

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      i bought now an old WindowPC Laptop with XP.

      Works! I had just to reduced the Boundrate.

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      Good! I also heard we will get some good news on Vsig soon? ….. Yes Wink Yes

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      How soon is soon? Eventide seems to be doing things extremely slow.:-(

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      vSigX is independent from Eventide, so please don't blame them for any slowness in development!

      I am working on two separate programs right now, vSigX and ERC.  vSigX is a much more involved program, so there is a longer release cycle.  With everything that is going on in my life, I'm sure I won't be able to release version 2 of vSigX until the first quarter of 2011.  ERC, the remote control app, is much smaller, so I will have the new release ready soon.  The first public version of ERC will mainly just be a remote button press and screen display program.  Subsequent versions will add in the programming/macro language for automating tasks, plus a librarian that will talk to my online patch repository.  Fun thing about ERC is that I'm using a cross-platform development library, so in theory I should be able to compile it on both OS X and Windows..

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      If some are impatient with something like a remote control app, one can just use the Sysex Eventide docs and make a quick program with cycling74's Max to control. Works either with MIDI or serial, and you can get the display, too.

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      Interestingly enough, I've been working with exactly this setup lately!  I'm basically trying to turn my H8000FW into the equivalent of a Kyma system.  My ultimate goal though is to create a completely standalone program that will control the Harmonizer with input from my synth keyboard, my computer, and my Wacom pad without needing Max, PD, etc…

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      I've got both kyma and h8000 and I thought exactly that. I'm paying again for a box full of DSP's.  Great though the H8000 is, the design of patches is a ton harder than even kyma. So anything you could do Doug with VsigX or otherwise I am really looking forward to. I hate to have those little DSPs under employed!

      Good luck with everything else! and best wishes.

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