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I've seen some people complain about the way the Timefactor handles spill as a defect. I just want to say that in my way of using the TF, this spillover into next preset/delay model an absolutely essential feature! I use the TF (or rather, two of them) as a solo instrument, handling and creating feedback and loops, and being able to switch between models without losing material is fantastic.

Also, I do not agree that the looper is just very basic, as some people ave said in this thread – it can do things most other loopers could only dream about – like recording and playing while moving the playback point and looplength around, in realtime. I have several other loopers, which are better for plain playin/overdubbing kind of looping, but for sonic mayhem and realtime remixing, the TF is just in a league of its own.

So, if the new update would include new ways of handling spill, please keep the current features intact! Just my 2c…