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1.) Redoing the "Bits" on the Vintage delay. Its kind useless. I see where Eventide is trying to go with it – adding that Analog noise but its not subtle enough. Perhaps if it was more subtle and added some other Analog like artifacts as it was increased.

2.) I have seen others mention that the filter on the Tape Delay can be too Bassy as you increase it. The Saturation control could be better. Maybe as you increase it, it adds more Tape like artifacts to the repeats.

Would there be a way to add a feature so you can choose what the filter knob does? like some sub menu feature? Like holding the Repeats button for 3 seconds while in play modes enters a sub menu for each control, or some controls, allowing one to have more manipulation over the sound.

The Filter on the Analog only acts as a High pass as you increase it right? Its Doesn't have a low pass option. Maybe making "Noon" on the knob No Pass at all and counter clockwise Low Pass increase and Vice Versa.

Anyway to add an Undo Feature to the Looper?