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are you saying the Audio can go to the h8000 over the firewire connection? 



will pro tools m-powered recognize it as an output?

Not real familiar with the m-powered. The H8000 appears as a CoreAudio device, so anything that can use CoreAudio can use it.


a possible need for a big ben clocking device

Many people use a BigBen, but you don't have to – WordClock is fine with H8000FW.


does the 8000 still have presets that are great for stereo that the 7600 does not have

The H7600 has most but not all of the H8000's stereo presets.

Main reasons to get an H8000FW rather than 7600 are:

1) Multichannel, surround.

2) Firewire and extra AES I/O.

3) More for the money.

You must decide which of these are important.