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Has there been any updates to address this?

Here's what I posted regarding this issue at HRI, Inc.:

Hey folks, need some advice on the "best" way to control my rig.

First, my rig:

Guitar -> RG16 (also used for channel switching) -> some analog pedals in loops 1-4 -> RG16 out ->
Mesa Mark 5 combo (dry) -> Mesa slave out -> Modfactor -> Timefactor ->
SS amp -> 2x Mesa 1×12 wet cabs.

Ground Control Pro midi out -> RG16 -> Modfactor -> Timefactor

GCP is set up for 4 Presets/8 Instant access

I have set up IA switches 1 through 4 to activate loops in the RG-16, no problems there.
I have set up IA switch 8 for tap tempo to Mod/Timefactor, no problems there.

Here's my dilema:

How do I set up, for example, available IA switches to act as a toggle ON/OFF for Mod or Timefactor where the IA switch in active "lit" mode means the Mod/Time is active. I'm able to get it the other way around, where "lit" = Bypass.

Ultimately, I would like to have preset 1 as my clean channel with no effects, then add T and/or Modfactor via IA switch(es) "stompbox" style just as I would add say an overdrive pedal via the RG16.

Hope this makes sense…

Thanks for your time!