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i've asked for this as well and I've recently been wondering if this is something the forum community here could do on it's own. I only own the TIme Factor but I could offer to reload all of the factory presets back on my TF and pick a bank and sit there with Catchup on and write down the parameters for that bank. If enough people pitched in and each person picked a different bank we could eventually get all of the preset parameters written down so people would have them and one person wouldn't have to do all of the work. Obviously since I only own the TF I can't contribute to the mod or Pitch Factor presets but other folks could do that.

If Eventide wants to double check behind us and make sure the parameters we find are correct, we could submit them first and at least this would give them a head start and they wouldn't have to start from scratch.

Of course if Eventide is about to release all of the preset parameters anyway then this is a moot point but if it's not going to happen any time soon is this worth pursuing?