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 Eventide should give its customers the tools they need to stay organized… 

I think if patience can be applied here it sounds like most if not all of what you are asking for is right around the corner when the beta and the new version of the Factor Lib arrive. Hang in there. 

Until the Factor pedals can actually display the patch names then I don't see how having them on the preset list really changes anything other than helping you organize them on paper.

I'm really hoping when the next version of the Factor lib arrives it will allow us to name the patches and organize them in Factor Lib itself and when we download the patches to our pedals the patch names will magically be there but I can't tell if that's the way it's going to work or not. 

Hey Eventide feel like sending us a few new teasers on what we can expect when the new software(s) arrive?

Keep up the great work in the meantime!