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Just wanted to +1 rabiddiabetic13's suggestion about having the undulator trail off when bypassed. It's truly an awesome effect and it would certainly be great for it to not just cut off so abruptly, if possible. 

In response to laskyman's post…. actually, I have replaced my old wah with the wah I get from the Modfactor through the loop. It does take a little tweeking 'cause, as he mentioned, there is a difference in the loop as opposed to in front of the amp (where we're all *used* to hearing a wah effect) but the ranges availible for tweeking certainly don't make it "unusable".

Still, I suppose the frequency ranges of ANY wah pedal are going to preclude it from being useful for all amps, guitars and players… we're all using different stuff and listening through our own subjective angle…. so, added functionality could certainly never hurt. 

BTW…I love both my Modfactor and Pitchfactor and do appreciate that Eventide has these forums for us users to make suggestions.