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Yeah I get that.  I also get that whenever there's a new software update – they always tell you to back up the unit first so – um, how you supposed to do that with a version that won't interface with the backup software?

I'm just saying I'm not going to spend a lot of time dialing in preset names (presumably the same way I entered my initials into Galaga when I got the high score) on to then NOT be able to back up all that work.

If the point of a beta is to get testers or users to install it and help work out the kinks, then not interfacing with FactorLib seems like a pretty big stumbling block to getting the most ardent users to download and install the beta.

I'm no software engineer….so I had to look it up, according to Wikipedia, a beta software is generally a feature complete version.  FactorLib interface is a pretty big feature, hell – backing up is a pretty big feature for any digital device.