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      Hi guys, I've got a doubt about the new V3 update. 

      It says: "This version is NOT YET compatible with the FactorLib Librarian Software". Does this mean I will not be able to upload all my presets from the FactorLib? Or simply the V3 update does not erase the existing presets?

      Maybe I'm missing something here!

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      It should not erase your existing presets.  HOWEVER, you should always back up the unit before updating.  Your worst case scenario right now would be that you would have to revert to the previous software and re-upload your presets from FactorLib.

      I think this is a weird piece to leave out of such a big update that includes patch naming.  Am I really going to spend hours naming and adjusting presets only to NOT be able to back them up before the next software release?  No. Way.

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      That's why they call it a BETA.  It is a non-final product for customer review.  I am so glad to see this come out.  I can finally use the harpeggiator without having to run to my volume control. YES!!!

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      Thanks cacibi, I've thought about that too and I hope it won't be necessary to re-install and older software version Smile

      In my case the naming is very useful because I don't have hundreds of delays, but I need to have a couple of particular delays per song. Hence naming gives me the opportunity to just scroll between banks til I find the name I need.

      Now I have to organize my presets just as my live set-list like: song1> bank1, song2>bank2 in the lucky case I'm just needing two delays per song. If I need more I just have to order the banks differently. I think it will be useful to spend a little time naming my presets so I won't have to re-organize the banks everytime my setlist changes and just search the titles on the TF!

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      Yeah I get that.  I also get that whenever there's a new software update – they always tell you to back up the unit first so – um, how you supposed to do that with a version that won't interface with the backup software?

      I'm just saying I'm not going to spend a lot of time dialing in preset names (presumably the same way I entered my initials into Galaga when I got the high score) on to then NOT be able to back up all that work.

      If the point of a beta is to get testers or users to install it and help work out the kinks, then not interfacing with FactorLib seems like a pretty big stumbling block to getting the most ardent users to download and install the beta.

      I'm no software engineer….so I had to look it up, according to Wikipedia, a beta software is generally a feature complete version.  FactorLib interface is a pretty big feature, hell – backing up is a pretty big feature for any digital device.

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      Eventide Staff

      The issue is with FactorLib, not this update. An update to FactorLib to handle this update (among other good things) will be available shortly. Patience please.

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      An update to Factorlib is very much needed and I'm really hoping it will eventually be as good as it could be (naming presets via PC, adjusting/creating presets via PC).

      I'm more than willing to be patient for that!

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      LOL what's up with the whining guys? These updates are free for chirst sake. It's not like Eventide won't fix the Librarian. Easy on Eventide. And it's not like  your presets are gonna get lost if you start naming them. Duh. You guys are asking too much.

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      I've updated the system and found no problems at all.

      Really happy with the naming, it's pretty fast and simple. Waiting for the first rehearsals to hear the improvements. Big Smile

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      Factorlib definitely needs an overhaul, it's as buggy as a room full of bugs.

      Will install the updates later on, can't wait!

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