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I think Isaiah4Autumn is onto something. I've got a fairly extensive collection of delays, but the TF is on my main pedalboard because it sounds great and is incredibly versatile. It's got the Eventide sound, which is definitely unique, and it never gets in the way of what I'm playing, like so many other delays do. However, when I think of delays, there are a few that come to mind. Tape delays = Echoplex… Analog delay = DMM… Digital delay = Boss DD3 or TC 2290. What makes the TF so good is that it can fairly accurately emulate all of those, all while doing its own thing. However, there are still a few things that could it could do better, like the seasick warble of the DMM's vibrato. For me, that's not important, but to some, I'm sure it is. I agree that there are a few iconic sounds that, if the TF could get closer to while still retaining its own signature sound, it could make the TF an even better pedal.