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So- I've had more time to work with it and get a better understanding myself of the issues. Basically when I create a loop the TF never seems to interpret it as the BPM or number of beats it actually is. So the midi to the drum machine is off to begin with.

1. When in loop mode there seems to be no way to control what the BPM is interpreted as unless you set it in delay mode first. I can never create a loop and have either the tempo or BPM decently reflect what I played- really frustrating. I even just tried the simplest 4/4 loop and it just seems to want to interpret it in some odd way.

2. I was going to say the drum machine drifts but have realized it is because the TF has not interpreted the loop as anything close to what I input.

I am used to my Echoplex Digital which just always seems to "get it" and create the correct number of beats for what you played. The TF is more challenging and clearly I need to learn how to make it perform this way but the fact that it does not out of the box is frustrating. I mean we are talking about playing a simple 4/4 loop and having an attached drum machine follow.

Thanks- oh also I upgraded to beta v3 FYI.