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I think this cable would be easier for you…


it has 5 pins on one end and then a socket for the power adapter and 7 pins on the other end.

So the 5 pin connector would connect to the TimeFacor, the power into the power socket and the 7 pin connector goes into the midi controller.

word of advice though, not sure about the midimouse, but the midimate and taptempo on the TimeFactor do not work together.

the CC for taptempo on the Factor boxes accept anything over 64 as a pulse, so if (like my MIDI Mate) the button acts like a latched switch as in stomp on/stomp off. then only every other press of the tap tempo will be seen as a pulse, so you end up having a tempo of 50% what you think it should be.

first press sends the CC with a value of 127, the second press sends a value of 0.