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Yes, thank you for posting this Rocktron midi cable product, which I thankfully happened upon the night before last prior to ordering the midi mouse!

Based upon my research there appears to be many different types of MIDI foot controllers out there, all with varying degrees of functionality, sophistication, and price. I was trying to find one that would of course send program changes to select the Timefactor's presets, but one that would also send continuous control messages to operate some of the 9 Timefactor functions "like a stomp box".

To get this type of functionality and still have buttons left over to select programs I concluded that I would need at least the $400 12 button voodoo lab ground control Pro which could be configured, although IMHO un-intuitively, with 8 CC messages. Still, this level of investment would not yield "a stomp box" functionality because Eventide has not programmed the Timefactor to allow MIDI to select "bank preset 1" and "bank preset 2"!?

So without those two functions BK+ and BK- are rendered meaningless. Additionally I concluded that I did not need BYP because my Timefactor is in my amplifiers effects loop which can be toggled on/off with the tap of a button on its foot controller. That leaves TAP ( I too read about the tap tempo problems with some MIDI foot controllers), RPT, P/B, REC, PLY, and STP all of which I can control with my three button Digitech FS3X auxiliary switch. So, the only functionality that I was missing was being able to scroll through and select the Timefactor's presets.

I found two simple MIDI foot controllers that would be able to do this: Tech21's Midi Mouse, and Rocktron's Midi Xchange. Both are small, rugged, utilize phantom power, and are easy to use. At first I only saw the Phantom Power Insertion Cable mentioned above and was about to purchase the Midi Mouse. But then I found the Rocktron 5 to 7 pin midi cable which brought the midi Xchange back into play.

All other things being equal I found that the midi Xchange had superior functionality over the Midi Mouse requiring one less button push to scroll through and select the Timefactor's presets, and its ability to toggle back and forth between the last two used presets. Additionally it has expression pedal ports that can accept my VP Jr. eliminating another cable back to the amp.

So together my Digitech FS3X, Ernie ball VP Jr., and Rocktron Midi Xchange should provide the control I need to operate my Timefactor. I'll let you know how it all works after I get it. Whew, all that for a little bit of rock 'n roll!