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Still, this level of investment would not yield "a stomp box" functionality because Eventide has not programmed the Timefactor to allow MIDI to select "bank preset 1" and "bank preset 2"!?

So without those two functions BK+ and BK- are rendered meaningless. Additionally I concluded that I did not need BYP because my Timefactor is in my amplifiers effects loop which can be toggled on/off with the tap of a button on its foot controller. That leaves TAP ( I too read about the tap tempo problems with some MIDI foot controllers), RPT, P/B, REC, PLY, and STP all of which I can control with my three button Digitech FS3X auxiliary switch. So, the only functionality that I was missing was being able to scroll through and select the Timefactor's presets.

Do you mean say sending Program Change code to select a specific TimeFactor preset?

eg press button 1 on the controller and the Eventide selects Bank 3:1, press button 3 on the controller and the Eventide selects Bank 7:2?

You can do this, you need to go to the mapping and map the PC code to the relevent TimeFactor bank that you want, this is what I do.

If you are interested in getting the CC issue resolved, it should be possible if Eventide put an option to allow any CC Value to trigger the function rather than only values over 64. I have a thread talking about MIDI tap tempo, so it would be worth you singing a "+1 I agree" to the suggestion …(if you do agree that is!LOL)