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Yes Vance, that's me.  I've got a lot of changes planned for the site, but my father-in-law was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer this summer, so we went to visit him every weekend until he passed away Nov 28th.  A bit more than three months after the diagnosis.  Sigh…  (Just say no to chemotherapy unless it's targeted!)

Funny, some guys on the Loopers-Delight mailing list were complaining about Fripp having five Eventides in his performance rig.  (Envy!)  A couple of us defended the Harmonizer's honor.  Just made me realize that a lot of people don't really understand the power of the H8000.  I'm really hoping to put together some tutorials using vSigX that will help people see the potential.  Then I'm hoping Eventide takes us to the next step with a new box…  H9000 anyone?  I can see the ad campaign – The tune "Daisy" plays in the background.  Pan to a computer that's running something that looks like an effects processor.  We hear a glitchy pitch shifted voice come from the computer, "I'm afraid, Dave…  I'm being replaced by a hardware effects processor, the new H9000…"

On second thought, maybe it should be the H10k.  Heehee…