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Hi Poul-

I just acquired my 3rd Eventide 'Factor and I'm ready to put it all on a pedal board.

I'm an electrical engineer and have done a lot of work in power supply design, so my questions may be more specific. I like the idea of your box, and given the amount of work it takes to get it "right" I'm more than happy to buy yours. I was in the middle of research on designing my own when I came across your company.

Here are my questions:

Each 'Factor has a rating of 1200mA @ 9V and I was sizing my power supply design to accommodate that. Will a 400mA power supply really work with the 'Factors? I'm a bit concerned with starving these things or running your supply over its rated capability.

How much isolation do you have between the supplies? Most of my design work is around medical grade power supplies (for patient contact) and I'm accustomed to seeing leakage and dielectric specs when something is called "isolated". Can you please give me some insight to that? I realize you don't need medical grade isolation to avoid ground loops in guitar pedals… But I'd like to understand how much isolation you have designed and tested in your product.

I have a couple of other pedals I want to power with your supply as well, the DigiTec JamMan looper and two custom pedals (my own design, a compressor and distortion pedal) that require 24V (isolated). Can I configure the other, non 'Factor outputs as 12V and "stack" them to give me  (2) 24V isolated supplies? I would build a custom cable to perform the stacking.

A lot of questions, I'm hoping you'll be able to answer easily. Your solution would be ideal for me, I'm looking forward to your answers and getting it all together!

Thank you,